Philadelphia’s Laurel Hill Cemetery Offers Nostalgic Look Back At The Past

on November 22, 2013


Even though Halloween is over, there is one creepy Philadelphia destination that is still worth checking out.

The Laurel Hill Cemetery (3822 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia PA) was built during the mid-1800’s and is a great example of what graveyards looked like in the Victorian era. Laurel Hill’s deceased include some of America’s best known barons and other elite members of society who have passed away. While the cemetery might seem gloomy, it is incredibly well-maintained and strives to keep a cheery atmosphere for those who are there to visit the dead.

Laurel Hill features a fantastic view of the Schuykill River along “Millionaires Row” where all of Philadelphia’s most famous families are buried in stunning mausoleums. Some of these burial spots are bigger than one-family houses. If you pick up a guide book on your visit, you will learn that these land plots were particularly pricey since the ground upon which the cemetery sits using to be a promenade for the rich. Back in the day, The “Millionaires Row” land was actually easier to get to by boat.

Guided tours of the facility are available but you can also explore the area yourself using a map that is available from the main office.

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