Philadelphia’s Best Pizza Places

on May 13, 2013


While Philadelphia is best known for being the birthplace of the Philly Cheesesteak, there is another P that it can also lay claim to and it isn’t one that you think.


Yes, the City of Brotherly Love has a lot of affection for the Italian pie and whether you want to pick up a slice or sitdown for a high-end date, Weekendtrips has you covered.

Here’s are the best pizza places in Pennsylvania:

Regular Pizza


2604 E. Somerset Street, Philadelphia PA (215) 425-4983

Pizza is the only menu item available at Tacconelli’s where there’s even a limit on the number of toppings you can get (three). If you wanna order more than a slice, it is recommended that you call in advance because the dough is rolled out in limited amounts.

Penny’s Pizza

Details: 68 W. Ridge Pike, Limerick PA (610) 489-3636

The pizza must be good if you need to enter through a backdoor at this 1920s styled “speakeasy” in Limerick. Penny’s is only open on Thursdays – Sundays from 2 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and is best known for using a cornmeal-dusted dough.

Fine Dining Pizza

La Porta

Details: 1192 N. Middletown Road, Media, (610) 358-5104

If you prefer tackling your pizza with a knife and fork, La Porta might be more your style. The pizza features a very thin crust and is best described as a floppy pie that almost resembles more of a half-stromboli.


Details: 1700 E. Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia PA(267) 324-3127

Birra’s version of the Italian classic is the definition of high-end cuisine. It’s “pizza” can be anything from porchutta with arugala and pesto to duck confit with caramelized onion. As if that wasn’t enough to whet your palette, all of the pizzas can be served “bowl-style” (baked upside down and inverted into a personal dish).

Garces Trading Company

Details: 1111 Locust Street, Philadelphia PA (215) 574-1099

Garces Trading Company makes its pizza crust out of duck fat and features expensive toppings like boquerones (I have no idea what those are) and merguez sausage.