Perfect Time To Catch A Game At The New Yankee Stadium

on May 21, 2013

Yankee Stadium

As a Toronto Blue Jay fan, I am predisposed to hating the New York Yankees. While I believe that my feelings of aversion for the Bronx Bombers would be even stronger if I hailed from Massachusetts, the fact of the matter is that the New York Yankees are the most hated team in baseball and (as is often the case) perhaps the most believed by their own fans.

On a recent trip to New York, I was determined to include seeing a game at the new Yankee Stadium (1 E. 161st St, Bronx NY) in my travels.

The new stadium opened in 2009 and replaced the previous Yankee Stadium that existed from 1923-2008. The new park was built across the street from the old one on the former site of Macombs Dam Park.

While there are significant improvements made from the previous building, the primary charm of the new facility is the way that it pays tribute to Yankee history.

The construction of Yankee Stadium wasn’t easy. It was built on 24 acres of public land and came with a $1.5 billion price tag which makes it the most expensive baseball stadium ever built and the second-most expensive sports stadium of any kind (after the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey).

Local friends advised me to take a short subway ride from Manhattan into the stadium but I was curious about how cabbing it to the Bronx would work. From the city, a cab ride to Yankee Stadium was just under $30. Please note, however, that it was almost impossible to secure a cab on the way back (aside from the private black “cabs” that were double the price). I don’t know about the TTC being “the better way in Toronto” but it certainly might be in New York.

I’d also advise getting to the game early. There were hundreds of fans waiting to get in by the time I arrived, which was 30 minutes before gametime. Luckily, the stadium is quite easy to navigate and we were quickly in our seats soon after passing the turnstile.

The marked up concession stand is also something that I would flag. I had heard a lot about the cheese fries at Yankee Stadium and these were something that I simply had to indulge in. When you throw a hotdog and a Coke into the mix, you’re looking at a nifty $19.

Taking all that into consideration, the ambience at a Yankee game is unlike anything that I have experienced before. Green Bay’s Lambeau Field might be comparable, but that’s still a football game where a ruckus and rowdy crowd is the norm. Baseball fans are known for paying more attention to their peanuts than the score, or so I thought until I entered into Derek Jeter’s new digs.

The crowd was certainly not the stuffy suits I was expecting. The fans hooted and hollered at every pitch and it certainly didn’t hurt that the game that I went to (May 5) was exciting with the Yankees down by 3 until the 6th inning where they came back to tie it up, only to end up losing the game by a run.

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