Ottawa’s Merivale Bowling Centre Offers New Twist To Classic Game

on December 6, 2013


If you’d like to add a twist to your family bowling night, Ottawa’s Merivale Bowling Centre (1916 Merivale Rd., Ottawa ON) is definitely a must-stop on the weekend.

Open 7 days a week, the bowling centre features 48 lanes but also offers a unique twist on the popular pastime.

Friday and Saturdays feature Rock n’ Bowl nights at Merivale.

What are Rock n’ Bowl nights?

While we have all certainly heard of glow-in-the-dark bowling, Merivale has added the element of strobe lighting, black lighting and rock n’ roll music to the game. This means that in addition to trying to hit a strike, you can also strike a chord with your dance moves in the middle of your game.

The best part is that it is almost impossible to throw a gutter ball because each of the lanes have little rails on them so each ball is guaranteed to make it to the end.

In addition, there is also an arcade and fully licensed restaurant available as well.

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