Ottawa Museum Exhibit Tells Story Of Eleven Women Facing War

on March 18, 2013

Eleven Women Facing War Exhibit

A new Ottawa Museum exhibit in Ottawa delivers a powerful and important message through photographic lens.

“Eleven Women Facing War” tells the stories of eleven women from war-torn areas that include Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Colombia, the Balkans, Israel, and the Palestinian territories through pictures and the exhibit runs until April 21 at the Canadian War Museum (1 Vimy Place, Ottawa ON).

The photos were captured by internationally-renowned photographer Nick Danziger who initially snapped the shots for a Red Cross study in 2001. Ten years later, he embarked on a mission to catch up with the same women to find out what had become of their lives. All had survived violence and profound loss. The stories they told the photographer highlighted their truly unbelievable vulnerability and will to survive.

Incredibly, from 2008-2011, Danziger managed to catch up with all of the women except for one and they all provided updates about the lives and continuing struggles.

“Eleven Women Facing War is a revealing look at 11 individuals facing overwhelming circumstances,” said James Whitham, Director General of the Canadian War Museum. “Their words and pictures document universal truths about human conflict and the toll it takes. They speak for countless people in conflict zones around the world.”

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