Ottawa Artist Displays Work In Makeshift Home Gallery At Guild Galerie 240

on November 22, 2013


It is said that it is almost impossible to go inside the mind of an artist, but for one Ottawa painter invites art lovers to go inside her home to fully appreciate her creativity.

Ottawa artist Brenda Gale Warner operates one of the city’s most unique galleries. Her work is displayed to the public… in her home. The 1870s woodframe home that once served as a Catholic convent is the home of Guild Galerie 240 (240 Guigues Ave, Ottawa ON), a first floor art space that Warner uses to exhibit her paintings and photographs. The best part is that the work isn’t jus limited to Warner’s piece as she also uses her space to highlight works by local, Canadian, and international artists.

Born in Hamilton, Warner is primarily self-taught and honed her skills in the studios of different artists before working to create her own. She served as an interior and furniture designer an exclusive design gallery in Toronto in the 1980s before working with the Art Gallery of Toronto (as a docent in the Elementary Education Department). She credits her work at the AGO as allowing her to see the world through the eyes of a child which she uses in a lot of her work.

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