This Is Why Everyone Loves To Camp In The New oTENTik In Parks Canada

on June 6, 2013

Ā© Parks Canada

Do you want to experience nature for a weekend, but aren’t sure if you can give up your creature comforts? You’re in luck! This summer, Parks Canada has installed brand new oTENTik tents in many of their parks around Canada.

oTENTik tents are a cross between a cabin and a tent. The best part? No set up required! It’s all there for you when you arrive. Inside of each oTENTik is a living room with a table for 6, two queen sized beds and a double bed with storage underneath.

Electricity is also provided for comfort and there is an outdoor firepit complete with a BBQ. Each night is around $145 (HST included).


Although Parks Canada plans to roll out many of these properties in the near future, it’s currently only available at the Saint Lawrence Islands National Park in Ontario. The next nearest oTENTik site is in Quebec at La Mauricie National Park.

To find out more about oTENTik, please visit the Parks Canada website.