NYC Tourism Just Got A High-Tech Facelift

on April 15, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

Packs of tourists are urban nightmares. For that matter, so are some tour guides.

To remedy these problems, the good people at Stray Boots want to eliminate some of that human clutter and let you lead your own tour.

All you need is a cell phone!

The Stray Boots concept is part scavenger hunt, part walking tour, with a slice of game show. Through a series of text messages (or through a web browser), you and your friends or family can navigate some of NYC’s most intriguing hoods through interactive tour concepts like its Wall Street tour ‘Money Talks, History Walks’ or its ‘Serious Eats Food Frenzy’ tour that explores Chinatown and Little Italy.

Offering more than a dozen different tours, Stray Boots will send you text messages that will spice up the sights with quirky facts. You’ll have to photograph certain objects, too, figure out riddles and even earn points to see how you scored at being your very own tour guide.

According to Stray Boots, an NYC tour adventure could make a great first date.

“The Perfect New York Date is ideal as a first or second date because it breaks couples out of the awkward and forced question and answer session across a restaurant table,” the company says. “It’s sure to impress any date as a creative, thoughtful and out-of-the-ordinary date idea.”

Another bonus of the Stray Boots concept is scheduling — at least in the sense that there isn’t any. You can start or end any sightseeing tour anytime you want.

For some Amazing Race-style fun, Stray Boots even offers head-to-head options for groups with a bit more of a competitive spirit.

Each tour costs about $12 and takes about three hours to complete.

The easiest way to but tickets is through the Stray Boots website. Find your City, then add the zone (or package of multiple zones) to your shopping cart. Make sure to add a ticket for each person participating. Or call toll-free: (877) 787-2929 and the company will process your credit card over the phone.

After purchasing tickets, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a start location and an activation code. To start the tour game, just go to the start spot and send in your code to Stray Boots.

If you have a smartphone, visit and enter your code.

Stray Boots also offers private hunts for corporate team building and special events like birthday and bachelorette parties.

If you have any more questions about the Stray Boots tours, check out the FAQ here.