Nuit Blanche 2013 Review & Wrap-Up

on October 18, 2013

Nuit Blanche

Reviewing the map to plan for this year’s Nuit Blanche, it seemed to me that the events were much more concentrated than in the previous years. Many of the exhibits were positioned in a direct route following the path of the U-shaped Yonge-University subway line. This made for a much easier journey than in the past, when our route involved zig-zagging between streets and doubling back multiple times. There also seemed to be fewer exhibits in the areas away from the downtown core, such as the Distillery District, Queen West, Wychwood Barns, 401 Richmond, making it less worth while to travel the distance to get there.

There were also many more large installations that could be seen from a distance, thus reducing the number of times where endless lineups scared us off from trying to view an exhibit. My favourite of these was titled “Monster Child” and consisted of a huge spider-like balloon float with bright yellow legs that swayed in the wind. Each leg is attached to a long ribbon that spectators were encouraged to pull, in order to make the monster bob up and down. Attached to the back of the monster was another large float that might have been a pink bunny. I guess this represented the titular “child”. A bit further down was a “wheel of fortune” which apparently was supposed to be the real focus of the attraction. You were supposed to spin the wheel to pick a question from choices such as “Are We Happy”, “Should I Believe”, “Can I Trust You”, “Can I Help” and then apparently, the “oracle child” will provide you an answer through a headset that you wear. Unfortunately the audio was broken when we passed by, so the spinning the wheel component was temporarily suspended. That part sounded hokey anyways, but the visual spectacle of the inflatables was great.

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