New York Lounge Pegu Club Serves Up Godly Cocktail Menu

on August 22, 2013

pegu club new york

Quick New York Weekendtripper: Can you recite a correct definition for the term, ‘mixologist’? Too late. According to the Douglas Harper’s etymology dictionary, the term ‘mixologist’ dates back to 1856, and was used as jocular slang for ‘mix’; ending from the sciences. The 19th century definition still rings true today, being the term used to define barkeeps known as, ‘mixologists’: individuals who intensely study the craft of drink making.

In other words, mixologists are the mix-master-bar gods of the alcohol universe, studying ancient mixing techniques and recipes as doctors.

So, if you’re in New York and yearning for social experimentation; looking to experiment with new hangouts; new mixologists (of course); new crowds, Weekendtrips highlights the Pegu Club: a must-try mixology bar in New York City.


Known as the ‘gatekeepers’ of classic cocktail culture, and the end of the day relish in the fine art of making drinks, Pegu Club was founded by Audrey Saunders, the brainchild behind Bemelmans Bar’s drink list. Saunders built the Pegu Club in effort to bring back ‘the art of a well-made drink’; taking pride in doing the little things well. Pegu Club was voted one of the best bars in Manhattan in 2007 by New York magazine.


All drinks are made with fresh ingredients ā€“ just the way every mixology bar should make them. Expect to see Pegu Club use and squeeze fresh lemons, limes, grapefruits, to just name a few by hand, into your cocktail — ooh la la. You’ll find everything from drinks like that of the Gin-Gin Mule, spiced with home-made beer, all the way down to the Old Cuban, a champagne mojito, along with the traditional Tantris Sidecar, multi-layered with cognac and the list goes on. As per price range: Cocktails go for an average of $14; champagne drinks go for an average of $18.


Located in 77 West Houston Street in Greenwich Village, a boho neighborhood famous for seeding the city’s top artists, Pegu Club takes after a 1940s speakeasy. The entrance is subtle and you’ll have to walk up a flight of stairs to reach your destination. Lounge hours are from Sunday – Wednesday 5pm – 2am; Thursday – Saturday 5pm – 4am.

Who Should Go?

Pegu Club offers an exclusive ambience reminiscent to the 1800s onwards up to the Nixon era. You know, the time when the best bars were found in New York City hotels. It’s a great option for first or last dates (if you catch my drift); offering a world-class a drink menu. And of course, if you’re a serious cocktail drinker, this is a must-notch for the old belt. For more information and to book a reservation visit the Pegu Club website today. Cheers!