New York City Attractions: Top 5 List

on April 26, 2013


New York City is full of bright lights that shine brightly no matter what time of day you are out wandering the city.  The roads are filled with yellow painted taxis where you whistle and one is at your service within seconds.  When you visit the Big Apple there are some New York City attractions that you simply must add to your must-see list.


Once you are on the streets of New York take a stroll on 34th street and head toward the Empire State Building.  Head inside and buy your ticket to the top of the Empire and get ready to see the beautiful skyline of New York City, take it all in and don’t forget to take pictures.


While you are on the viewing platform look for the Statue of Liberty because that’s where you will be heading to next.  You will want to get to Battery Park to take a ferry over to Liberty Island.


Central Park is incredibly beautiful in the spring and summer time, so you can either walk through on your own and take your time or take a horse carriage ride through Central Park.


One night take a taxi over to Broadway and enjoy a Broadway play because where else can you go and see a wide variety of Broadway plays and the excitement it brings with it. 


You can also jump in the subway and head to Ground Zero and enter the 9/11 Memorial which takes you around the memorial dedicated to people who lost their lives on that tragic day.  You can go on to the website and reserve your visitors pass  for a specified date and time or you can go to the 911 Memorial Preview Site located at 20 Vesey St, which is where they give out same day passes.  Enjoy the wonders of New York City and don’t forget to get souvenirs to bring back home.