Natural Heritage Symposium Is Coming To Toronto

on October 31, 2013


The Ontario Heritage Trust defines natural heritage as “wetlands, woodlands, grasslands and geological land formations.” To name a few natural heritage gems, the Scarborough Bluffs are actually the shoreline of an ancient glacial lake that predated Lake Ontario and have remained a striking feature of Toronto’s landscape for centuries. Even the trees in our city are part of the historic landscape just as much as the buildings that stand next to them. Did you know that there are white oak trees on the grounds of Spadina Museum that are over 350 years old? These trees predate Toronto itself!

To hear more about Toronto’s natural heritage, the challenges it faces and what can be done to preserve it, register for free (link: for Heritage Toronto’s Natural Heritage Symposium (link: The event is on Tuesday, November 12 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM at St. Lawrence Hall, and four speakers will present their unique perspectives on the various aspects of Toronto’s natural heritage: Barbara Heidenreich from the Ontario Heritage Trust will be speaking about trees as natural heritage resources, while Carolyn Woodland of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority will be addressing the management of aquatic natural heritage resources. Jane Weninger from the City of Toronto will be speaking about the City of Toronto’s Natural Heritage Study and the actions it’s taking to conserve and enhance Toronto’s natural heritage. And if you want to know what steps YOU can take to help conserve our natural heritage, Franz Hartman from the Toronto Environmental Alliance will be speaking to what we need to be doing now. The event is moderated by the Executive Director of Evergreen Brickworks, Geoff Cape, who will ensure that there is time for questions so you can get a chance to ask yours.

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