Must-Try NYC Hangover Brunch At The Four Seasons New York

on September 18, 2013

salmon on a plate

Any New Yorker knows that brunch in NYC is an institution and finding the perfect spot can be somewhat of a dilemma.

When searching for a brunch restaurant, you will of course want great food, but you don’t want to have to brave insane crowds and 2-hour waits because nothing about that is relaxing.

Another wrench? Unfortunately, in Manhattan, most of the best brunch spots don’t take reservations–leading you to either suck it up and wait on a long line for your eggs benny, or forget about it and head to a mediocre diner where at least you won’t have to wait long. So what’s a brunch-goer to do?

Enter the Four Seasons New York’s Hangover Brunch. Finally, an answer to my prayers! Delicious food, in a calm environment, nearby to all the best shopping, where you can make reservations!

So I went this past week to check out The Garden at the Four Seasons and see if their cuisine lived up to my high brunch standards–and I am happy to report that of many brunch places I’ve tried lately, The Garden took the (pan) cake! It was amazing!

The restaurant is gorgeous and overlooks the Hotel’s Grand Lobby. In true Four Seasons style, the restaurant is flanked by two enormous pots of flowers that were simply stunning. The day I was here they were a bold red.

The restaurant feels like an enchanted forest, there are huge African acacia trees set throughout the restaurant that are dramatically lit. This provides for a stunning yet relaxing environment.

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