Must-Try Gourmet Grilled Cheese Restaurant In LA

on September 20, 2013

For the cheese-obsessed ‘grilled cheese o’clock’ is an alarm worth setting, can you hear it? Yes? Me too.

So if you’re hungry — and of the breed who believes cheese makes every meal that much more pleasant — you’ll want to plan your next cheese-filled sitting at one of the finest gourmet grilled cheese shops in LA: the Heywood Grilled Cheese Shoppe.

Named after 16th-century writer of poems and fiction, a man who showed signs of a serious cheddar addiction John Heywood, the Heywood Grilled Cheese Shoppe was built in 2011, located at 3337 W Sunset Blvd, just half a mile south of Sunset Junction.

Store hours are from Sunday through Wednesday 11am ā€“ 10pm and Thursday through Saturday from 11am ā€“ 3am; make sure to come hungry, proportions are massive.

The menu highlights both traditional and exotic gourmet-style cheeses:

– 2-year old English cheddar, a cheese that delivers a sharp and fun flavor. Goes well with a Zinfandel, Merlot or Port;

– Fontina, a mild and creamy cheese with a nutty flavor. It goes well with a California style Pinot Noir or an IPA;

– Mozzarella very creamy and light;

– Cotswold, a cheese that has been made in England for the passed 600 years. It has a creamy texture and is fused with onions and chives during the aging process. It goes well with Zinfandel, IPA or Shiraz;

– Appenzeller, a cheese with a 700-year old root with Switzerland, its cheese makers use trade secrets passed down from family to family. White wine, cider, herbs and spices are added during the process;

– Daiya vegan cheese and butter is also available at the Heywood, a popular vegan substitute that goes well with many sandwiches;

– Fromage D’Affinois, a double-cream cheese made from cow’s milk that goes well with bagels, toast, and of course, grilled cheese. It’s a creamy cheese that can be used as an alternative to butter. There are also more natural nutrients and proteins compared to traditional brie, the process includes extracting water from its milk;

– Point Reyes Blue is made in Northern California. It uses the same mold as Roquefort (rock-fort) cheese, which gives it a bit of a tangy, sea-salt and buttermilk taste;

However as delicious as this sounds, words and pictures only carry so much water, or cheese, depending on if you come from a place where everyone sets alarms for ‘grilled-cheese o’clock.’

For a closer look, check out their menu at the official Heywood Grilled Cheese Shoppe website.

  • Sounds amazing and I love the wine pairings. The Point Reyes Blues sounds yummy!

    • weekendtrips

      While we all have our own favourite cheese at Weekendtrips, I’m going to speak out in favour of anything that’s as earthy & tangy as Roquefort, but unique to a certain terroir (like Northern California). Would love to have a grilled cheese with that on some SF sourdough!