Motorheads: Take A Tour Of The Ford Factory In Dearborn

on May 28, 2013

Ford Factory

Detroit is known as the Motor City and for good reason.

The auto industry still remains as the very fabric of the city’s economic and cultural identity. To get a full appreciation of its importance to Detroit, the Ford Factory Tour (20900 Oakwood Blvd., Dearborn MI) in Dearborn is an absolute must for those planning on taking a Weekendtrip to Michigan. Located less than a 20-minute drive from Detroit, the factory was built by Henry Ford and was the scene of the Battle of the Overpass, one of America’s most historical moments in terms of the creation and standardization of unions.

On the tour, you will get to see the Ford F-150 truck’s assembly line and also get to take in Ford staples like the 1965 Mustang.

A 1/3 mile elevated walkway allows you to see the plant’s final assembly line. In addition, it also offers great views of 5 trim lines, 1 box build line, 1 door build line and the most impressive, the final inspection area. There are interactive kiosks located on the plant walkways for visitors who would like even more information. The Test Drive Smart Tools display allows you to try your hand at putting a piece in place on an F-150.

Films are available that detail the plant’s history. As the facility has grown increasingly popular in recent years, it’s advised to book a tour in advance during the summer.

While in Dearborn, you can also check out Michigan and Warren avenues which feature lots of Lebanese and Yemeni dining options.