Montreal Tourism Wouldn’t Be The Same Without Its World Trade Centre

on May 31, 2013

Montreal World Trade Centre

If you are looking for something to do in Montreal and can’t find exactly what you are looking for at Montreal Tourism, don’t forget to check the city’s stunning World Trade Centre.

Inaugurated in 1992 and taking up the space of a full city block in Old Montreal, Montreal’s World Trade Centre (380 Saint-Antoine St., Montreal QC) is made up of several historical renovated buildings that are linked together by a glass-covered promenade covering the length of the Ruelle des Fortifications. Best described as an indoor village, the multipurpose complex features a shopping arcade (with over 20 boutique shops, restaurants, cafes and service outlets).

The Trade Centre is home to many different works of art and also presents many different exhibits and activities throughout the year.

The complex also includes the Nordheimer Building, a fragment of the Berlin Wall, a fountain by French architect and sculptor Dieudonne-Barthelemy Guibal.

It is connected to Montreal’s underground city and to Square-Victoria Metro Station.