Montreal Restaurant Review: Vieux-Port Steakhouse

on September 25, 2013

Vieux-Port Steakhouse

Vieux-Port Steakhouse (39 Rue Saint Paul Est, Montreal QC) has been around since the 1980s; they are known for their amazing terrace and private rooms for events. I had been there before and was excited to return for some steak. Here is my Montreal restaurant review of Vieux-Port Steakhouse.

Vieux-Port Steakhouse’s décor can use an upgrade; the interior of the restaurant looks like it is from circa 1980s-1990s but it keeps up its old Montreal steakhouse charm. It does not have the usual Old port pizzazz but on the flip side it is known for its good food. Sadly, we were not sitting on their terrace which is really wonderful and against a stone wall covered in ivy, but we were happy to start eating. We started with the caprese salad that was made up of the traditional tomatoes and mozzarella di buffala. Slices of tomatoes intertwined with slices of mozzarella di buffala made up this large appetizer. A pesto olive oil balsamic vinaigrette was drizzled across the top and made this caprese salad even more delicious.

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