Montreal Restaurant Review: Chez Victoire Bistro de Quartier

on November 7, 2013


Here is our Montreal restaurant review for Chez Victoire Bistro de Quartier.

We have wanted to go to Chez Victoire (1453 Ave Du Mont Royal Est, Montreal QC) for awhile, the bistro was known for its stylish French ambiance suited to the 30+ Plateau crowd. It is a large restaurant that is the perfect place for celebrating a birthday, going for a 5 à 7 or just to have a good time. Their menu is quite extensive and we had trouble making choices because everything sounded really good! We started our meal with the charcuterie plate with cheese. Vegan Vixen couldn’t eat any of the delicious cold cuts and we almost felt bad. As always, she is a good sport concerning our love of meat. Sausage, prosciutto, salami and other cured meats made up this platter.

The plate was abundant and you could order your charcuterie plate for 2-3 or for even more people. We opted for the smaller one since we knew that we wanted to try other appetizers, and to be honest it wasn’t that small at all. It came with Maille Dijon mustard, pickles, and a type of chutney. A nice surprise was the many pieces of baguette and olive oil that also came with the cheese. The three types of cheese came with a fig compote and candied nuts; this was a very full presentation of charcuterie meats and cheese. They were all raw milk cheeses, two were hard cheeses and a soft variety, a goat cheese cendrillon. This is easily one of Diva#1’s favourite cheeses and we devoured it quite quickly. This was a great appetizer and we recommend that if someone comes by Chez Victoire for some wine or cocktails, to order the charcuterie and cheese platter as an accompaniment.

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