Montreal Restaurant Review: Au Pied De Cochon

on September 4, 2013

Au Pied De Cochon

From fine dining cuisine to unique creations, Montreal is the perfect place for foodies. I read somewhere that the city has one of the highest concentration of restaurants per capita in the world and the quality of food has placed Montreal as one of the international gastronomic destinations worldwide.

The age old saying, “the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach” is quite fitting when I think about our love with Montreal. We mainly go to Montreal for its food! One of the most unique, interesting, mouth-watering, and also artery clogging dining experience we’ve had, was at the infamous Au Pied de Cochon or the PDC (536 Duluth Est
Montréal QC) and here is my Montreal restaurant review of the charming eatery.

The PDC is one of those restaurants that is impossible to get in on the weekends. Charles and I often booked a weekend trip to Montreal on a whim. This kind of last-minute trips often do not allow us sufficient time to even make a reservation at PDC. This summer when we took my mom to Montreal, we tried to make reservation 3 weeks in advance and still couldn’t get a table! This is why we still can’t revisit this restaurant…

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