15 Must-Have Montreal Travel Apps

on September 13, 2013

travel apps for montreal on a poster

MTL Mobile

Developed by Guillaume Campagna, the MTL Mobile app works as your personal timetable, trip guide, and map; transforming Montreal’s mysterious Société de transport de Montréal (STM) into an easy A-B-C equation.

Ile Sans Fil

If you find it absolutely ridiculous to pay for Wi Fi, Ile Sans Fil acts as your Wi Fi guide; suggesting the nearest free Wi Fi hotspots in Montreal.

Taxi Quebec

Indeed, hailing a taxi cab in Quebec can be bit stressful at times. Groupe Informatique TechSolCom makes it easier for users to find and reach the nearest taxi cab; while also offering estimations on how much it will cost to get from point A to point B. Taxi Quebec is available in both English and French.


At first glance, Mont-Royal’s mountainous peaks cast an intimidating silhouette. Les amis de la montagne and iekho’s Mont-Royal app shrinks Mont-Royal, so to speak, and offers an interactive guide showing you your exact geographical position; while pinpointing good-to-know Mont-Royal services, trails, and points of interest.

LP Hockey

Now what kind of Quebecer would you be if you didn’t show the slightest interest in hockey or the Montreal Canadiens? Here you’ll be able to download French LP’s Hockey app and instantly connect with everything Montreal Canadiens.


Find the best restaurant nearest your physical location or by district, cuisine, feature, or popularity with Mitopa Inc.’s free app: RestoMontreal; which gives users the ultimate list of Montreal restaurants along with their reviews.


If you’re like most and hate having to pay for withdrawing your own money, The Guichetier, engineered by para9 offers an ATM locater; giving you the option to search all banks and the nearest available ATMs.


There’s a reason why the bicycle is the most popular form of transportation in the world. Developed by MobiCloo, the Biximo app gives users instant access to real-time bike station information across all major bike sharing venues; such as, Montreal’s own Bixi along with others including: BikeShare; Hubway; NiceRide; and CycleHire.

Old Montreal

It’s true. You can now tour Old Montreal from the comfort of your bed with the Old Montreal app created by Brian Merrett. Here you’ll be able to view all Old Montreal’s famous attractions with a simple push of a button. Better yet, its application works freely without an Internet connection.


If you’re scenester and love to be at the hottest parties in the city, the Wenite app created by Groupoe Wenite is an instant life changer. With Wenite, you’ll be able to tap into all of Montreal’s bumping parties in real-time, and find reviews, and ratings.


If you already didn’t know, Montreal has one of the biggest LGBT communities in North America. The Queer Map App created by John Woolfrey renders six main categories featuring the best of “Queer Montreal”; highlighting Montreal’s top bars, clubs, shopping, and more.

Then And Now

Sure, touring 200+ of Montreal’s famous destinations in one shot is one thing; but, to visit and see what these same attractions looked 20 years ago is another. Created by Geoquestour, the Then And Now application gives you the ability to superimpose past photos of attractions and showcase the evolution process. Pretty cool, eh?

My Montreal Traffic & Quebec City Traffic

If you can imagine what it’s like to melt Google Maps with a traffic camera, you’ll get the Montreal Traffic app. Available for Montreal and Quebec City, users will be able to find traffic congestion in real-time using GPS.

Montreal City Minute

If you’re living or visiting Montreal, you might as well absorb everything Montreal, right? Created by FF Glue Applications Software, Inc, the Montreal City Minute app literally lets you download Montreal City in a minute; giving you real-time updates on the latest Montreal news, weather, traffic, and more.

AddTo Montreal 2.0

Hailed as the ultimate travel guide, Addto Montreal showcases Montreal favourites, and works as both a travel guide and journal; giving users the ability to create custom travel maps, photo albums, and notes through each app recommendation.