Michigan Mosaic Music Festival Review

on September 26, 2013

Michigan Mosaic Music Festival

When I was first reading about the Michigan Mosaic Music Festival, I realized that the main draw for this even was the evening acts that featured country and Americana music. While I’m not a huge country music fan, something about it always seems to get me dancing. I decided if I attended the Festival, I would be outside during the last few gorgeous days of Michigan’s summer surrounded by food and music. In my mind, there was no reason not to go!

The Festival ran during the weekend of September 1st. My boyfriend and I ventured over to the Riverfront Park n that Saturday and were surprised to hear the sounds of lively Mexican music. Brightly colored fabric flowed across the stage as a group of girls performed traditional Mexican dances. It turns out that the afternoon of the Mosaic Festival is dedicated to all types of cultural music and acts, and the country and Americana music was reserved for the evening.

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