Make A Weekend Getaway Out Of Pinhey’s Point in Ottawa

on June 17, 2013

Pinhey's Point

Feel like a weekend getaway in Ontario?

Situated on the banks of the Ottawa River and offering one of the best vantage points of the Gatineau Hills, Pinhey’s Point Historic Site (270 Pinhey’s Point Rd., Dunrobin ON) and its majestic 88 acres is one of the best places to go and experience the natural history of Canada’s capital city.

Featuring special programs, permanent exhibits and explanations by costumed interpreters, Pinhey’s Point attempts to show visitors how early settlers lived and explain how the Pinhey house transformed from a log cabin in 1821 to an impressive stone house by 1849.

The historic buildings and crumbling ruins along with the rolling hills combine to create one of the most spectacular places in Ottawa to relax and learn more about the city’s seemingly infinite culture.

The best part is that it is located only 35 minutes away from downtown Ottawa.