LA’s Sprinkles Offers Both Cupcakes & Ice Cream

on November 1, 2013

Sprinkles Ice Cream

Cupcakes or Ice cream? Ice cream or Cupcakes? Now you can have both and they are right next door to each other. Sprinkles, considered to be the World’s first cupcake bakery (9635 S Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, 90212) is serving up some of the best ice cream in Los Angeles at the store next-door to its infamous cupcake ATM.

Inspired by a 2002 trip to NY to visit her sister, Candace Nelson and her husband Charles set out on a 2-year venture to create the perfect cupcake. Once they created their perfect cupcake, they took a big risk and opened this store. They need not have worried because on that first day, the cupcakes sold out in three hours, and within the first week 2,000 cupcakes were sold! Sprinkles have grown to 10 locations throughout the United States and now sell delicious ice cream, cookies and cupcakes for your dog as well.

The ice cream is slow churned using organic California dairy to create a delicious creamy ice cream packed full of flavor to which you can add homemade toppings or just go au natural. Whether you go for ice cream or a cupcake, popular flavors are the red velvet cupcakes and the malted milk chocolate ice cream.

The stores are open late, but if the store happens to be closed you can get your sweet fix using the World’s first Cupcake ATM, which is open 24 hours! Sadly the ice cream is not available via ATM (yet?) but they will ship it nationwide!