Last Chance To See James And The Giant Peach In Buffalo

on February 5, 2013

Theatre Of Youth - James And The Giant Peach

I always loved Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach novel. I remember reading it over and over as a kid. Hands down, it certainly is my favorite childhood book. It has since been replaced by my insatiable hunger for The Hunger Games but I digress.

I was happy to learn that Buffalo’s Theatre of Youth is performing their stage adaption of the book and it is the perfect distraction for both residents of the city or Toronto travelers who are looking for a momentary distraction on their way to a cheaper flight at the Buffalo-Niagara airport.

The story is about a young orphan boy who enters a gigantic magical peach and has a surreal adventure with six insects that he meets. Entertaining and filled with magic and whimsy, tickets to see James and the Giant Peach are $26 a pop and can be purchased on the website. This upcoming weekend is your last chance to see the show before it closes.