Is Chicago The Most Dog-Friendly City In The World?

on August 20, 2013

While Chicago is known as the Windy City, it’s quickly developing a reputation as being a Doggy City as well.

In addition to the picturesque neighborhoods that are perfect for dog-walking, there are many other puppy-based options available that will have Fido barking up a desire to move to Illinois.

For one thing, Chicago has 18 official dog parks that are also marked as “off-leash” areas allowing domesticated animals to run around freely.

It is said that dogs often adopt the personalities of their owners (and vice-versa) and if your dog likes the sun even more than you do, you can take him to the Montrose Dog Beach, a beach specifically designed for pups that is shockingly still kept relatively clean.

Dog Walking

If you are tired of leaving your best friend tied to a post while you enjoy lunch, this isn’t really a problem in Chicago. There are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants available where your pet can also have a good time. Joe’s Bar on Weed Street (940 W Weed St., Chicago IL) does a weekly Doggy Happy Hour on their patio with a dog-themed film screening. This is in addition to other spots in the area being dog-friendly as well with Scoozi (410 W Huron St., Chicago IL) in River North, Big Star (1531 N Damen Ave., Chicago IL) in Wicker Park and Uncommon Ground in Lakeview all providing dog bowls and treats.

If you are up for more scenic exercise, Chicago has an 18-mile (what’s with them and the number 18?!) lakefront path to walk along. In addition, Navy Pier is also a great place to check out with your pooch.

Seadog Cruises offer free rides for dogs and there is a 10% discount on admission when you dog rides with you on your lakefront or river tour.

There are quite a few puppy playdates options available as a few kennels and groomers offer both indoor and outdoor areas for dogs to exercise in. Options include Canine Crews (1616 N Washtenaw Ave., Chicago, IL), Stay A Modern Dog Hotel (130 N Rockwell St., Chicago IL), Barking Lot Inc. (2442 W Irving Park Rd., Chicago IL), and DoggoneRite (3784 W. 79th St., Chicago IL).