Seven Must-Have iPhone Apps For The Weekend

on February 22, 2013

two iphones - high quality - black and white

There’s only one thing better than a sunny weekend spent with friends and family: a weekend spent with friends; family; and mobile apps of course, cue in the nerd calls. But really, if you’re one to test and search and find your next favourite app Weekendtrips highlights our top iPhone apps for the Weekendtripper. Enjoy!

Party Hour

Hosting the night’s “pre-game” and assuming the role of laptop DJ for a few hours is hard when you don’t have a set music list. A useful app that helps relieve you from the pressure — and the cumbersome ‘skip every second song trip’ — install the Party Hour DJ. It goes for .99 cents and you’ll be able to find and mix songs that play in minute intervals; keeping every minute nice and fresh.


Keep tabs of the amount of beer you chug Sir-Drinks-A-Lot. The BeerCounter app will keep you from passing out before the weekend war starts — or so it hopes. Tap it whenever you start a new drink and hope to god that you don’t wake up the next morning finding out that you drank enough alcohol to stun a mule. You’ll always have next weekend to try again.


The BarHopper is a popular app that simultaneously keeps tab of your booze count and alcohol level. It’s like BeerCounter but with a small price: $1.99. Here you’ll find out how much time it takes until sobriety. It also features a “Call Taxi” button for you to push anytime.


R U DRUNK is a fun weekend app most use for laughs. It takes you through 6 major drunk tests: Walking the straight line, reciting the alphabet backwards, and a BAC calculator to just name a few. If you’re willing to spend the $2.99, you’ll be able to master any drunk test a police officer throws at you. But hey, you shouldn’t be drinking and driving anyway.

Wooo Button

Free, absolutely addictive, and absolutely annoying (to sober folk), the Wooo Button pays homage to every drunk who thinks every moment is “Wooo Worthy.” Please use it both appropriately and inappropriately young App-Walker. It’s free!


Great for those who like to play party host and bartender, the iBartender gives you a long list of go-to shooters and cocktails. iBartender renders all of the popular drinks and recipes and definitely worth every penny if you’re coming straight out of bartending school.

Party Pro

If you don’t like iBartender, try the self-proclaimed, “ultimate drink, bartending, and party guide” Party Pro app for iPhone and iPod touch. Party Pro offers over 20, 000 drink recipes and will definitely turn you into the go-to bartender at all the parties…Which may be a curse. It goes for .99 cents.