In Search of Boston Ships and Ghosts

on June 14, 2013

USS Salem

Even landlubbers can learns about Boston ships. 

For only $8 at the United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum (739 Washington St., Quincy MA), you can experience the city’s nautical history from the viewpoint of those who lived it. 

Learn about the ships and crews that played key roles throughout America’s military history, pay tribute to Navy SEALs, and study the process used to build an enormous sea craft.  The highlight of the museum is the USS Salem, the world’s only preserved heavy duty cruiser. 

She was commissioned in 1949 and served the Navy for 10 years before being decommissioned in Philadelphia; her trips included important visits to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba before the island’s revolution.  History buffs lovingly restored the ship and operate the museum so you can share it with them. 

If you really want to feel like a seafarer, it’s $45 to spend the night onboard but be forewarned: this ship was on an episode of Ghost Hunters for a reason. The museum is a perfect stop for weekend travelers – it is only open Saturday and Sunday, except by special appointment.  

For more information visit USS Salem.