If Montreal’s Fourquet Fourchette Doesn’t Have The Best Beer, It Definitely Has The Best View

on December 5, 2013


If you are on a quest to find the best beer in the world, your travels might take you to Montreal’s Fort of Chambly.

There, you will find the Fourquet Fourchette (1887, Bourgogne Avenue, Chambly QC). The brewery and restaurant is located on the shores of the Richelieu river, conveniently located by the Fort of Chambly. The restaurant is housed in a mansion that was built in the 1920s and features the New France style of architecture. Its windows offer a stunning view of the Basin and of the Fort itself.

The restaurant’s main dining hall is called the Jean-Talon and can accommodate 160 guests. It is named after a pioneer of New France who was also one of the first brewers in North America. The space is decorated with antique ornaments that are specific to the native culture and brewing traditions of Quebec.

The Chasse-Galerie Tavern is an intimate room that seats up to 40 guests. The bar showcases the spices used when brewing great beer and the grill used to fire up meat is on public display.

While many believe that the Fourquet Fourchette originally served as a church (primarily because of the resemblance that its Abbey Hall has to a place of worship), the answer is no. While the columns, arches, sculptures and stone floor really resemble what you would find in a Basilica, it’s simply just coincidence. In Abbey Hall, you will find a wooden bar at one end of the room which a 17th-century pulput at the other. The room is dedicated to the idea of how monks contributed to bewing beer.

For more information about the Fourquet Fourchette, visit Fourquet-Fourchette.com