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on January 30, 2013

Dear friends of Weekendtrips,

It’s not often that we post a story that isn’t directly related to a weekend travel idea.

Since we consider you to be part of our family, we love inviting you over to our “kitchen table” so that we can talk about the in’s and out’s of what is happening at Weekendtrips and what we are thinking.

Earlier this week, I had the chance to grab a coffee with our CEO and founder, Marawan El-Asfahani and in the course of giving him an update about progress on the site, we chatted about an upcoming Toronto trade show. While applying for media accreditation to the event, we were rejected because our website does not display any ads. As I told Marawan, this is apparently the new norm for deciding which websites are greenlighted and which ones are stopped in their tracks.

As our founder first envisioned, we’re not quantified by our advertising, we’re qualified by the people we are. Marawan reminded me about why we’re here and what we want to do everyday.

We’re here to take the worry out of weekend-planning and are some of the most passionate people you will ever meet.

So who are we?

Our community coordinator, Seph is the guy most of you are talking to on our Twitter and Facebook pages. If you don’t know what’s happening this weekend, Seph is always available with an idea, or two, or three.

Jackman helped to design the look of Weekendtrips and is our resident photographer. Whenever we need a photo to accompany a story, we usually don’t even have to worry as Jackman has already been there, done that, and has the pic we need in his vast gallery.

Our interactive project manager Jay, is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. While I would normally say that he is the guy who looks after all the tech issues with the site, I don’t have to because there haven’t been any. Jay just interviewed Douglas Coupland, indicating that he is a lot more than just a web guy.

You already know me and when I am not tracking a contact down in Wiarton to talk about the upcoming Groundhog Day festival or coordinating our coverage of the Interior Design Show, I am focused on making your weekend the best it can be.

We plan on purchasing on tickets to this event to make sure we give you complete coverage. It’s who we are, it’s what we do, and it’s what you have come to expect from us. That’s what defines Weekendtrips.

Murtz Jaffer

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  1. HI I really love your travel ideas even if sometimes I am not able tog et to them. these show people seem like unfun people but maybe it is a policy they set up and can not change bureaucracies lol

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