Hot Doggin’ It In Buffalo

on October 21, 2013

Old Man River

While Buffalo is primarily known for being the chicken wing capital of the world, another item from the city’s menu certainly has not received the attention that it deserves.

Upstate New York is known for having some of the best chargrilled hotdogs around. While most street meat vendors and other frankfurter purveyors cook their hotdogs over old-fashioned charcoal, the chargrilled version is simply a must-try for those who haven’t experienced the delicious goodness yet.

While there are many places to experience them in Buffalo, Old Man River Doghouse & Seafood Shack (375 Niagara Street, Tonawanda NY) is said to be among the best. The quirky spot that overlooks the Niagara River has bags of authentic charwood out front and features a great view of Niawanda Park from its indoor and outdoor patio decks.

The extensive menu includes Sahlens hotdogs, specialty Black Angus Burgers, Italian sausage, sweet potato fries and ice cream. The joint’s famous Bunny Dog is a marinated grilled carrot that is served on a hot dog bun with the same fixings.

Old Man River also offers seafood and you can enjoy raw, steamed, or casino clams, shrimp and live lobster dinners. There is also BBQ chicken, ribs and pulled pork available as well. Alcohol is also served at the location.

If you consider yourself to be a foodie and are sick of just going to Buffalo for the wings, Old Man River might be exactly what you are looking for.

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