Get Your Artistic Fix On At The Boston Museum of Fine Arts This Weekend

on June 19, 2013

Boston Museum Of Fine Arts

Whether it be a scorching hot summer, a freezing cold winter, and everything else in between, Boston weather remains to be very moody and extremely unpredictable throughout the year. Lucky for you, though, the city offers some of the best museums to check out in times of dreary weather. One of which is the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (465 Huntington Avenue, Boston MA) on Huntington Avenue.

Starting from its humble beginning at Copley Square, the museum first opened its doors on July 4, 1867. Its collections continue to grow with time, eventually prompting its relocation to where the museum stands now on Huntington Avenue.

In addition to welcoming approximately 1 million visitors annually, today the MFA is recognized to be one of the most comprehensive art museums in the world, boasting over 450,000 works of arts within its walls. Artworks originating from Asia, the Americas, Africa, Oceania and Europe have been collected, curated, and are shown throughout the 4 levels of the museum.

Furthermore, MFA’s impressive collections also include that of photographs, musical instruments, jewelries, textile and fashion arts, as well as prints and drawings that have been amassed throughout the years.

Additionally, free guided tours are available to assist visitors with a range of topics and are offered daily at the Sharf Visitor Centre. 

With its varieties of collections and activities, the MFA sure has something for everybody. So, dreary weathers or not, don’t forget to consider a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts next time you are in Boston!