Get Saucy This Weekend And Visit The Home Of The Original Buffalo Wings

on August 1, 2013

Photo of Anchor Bar Sign

Of the select few foods that are named after places, Buffalo Wings have to be one of the most popular – and most tasty! So why not check out the birthplace of this saucy appetizer/meal, and enjoy a taste straight from the original source?

It’s been generally accepted that the Anchor Bar in Buffalo may have been the mastermind behind the creation. Though as with many things, who and where exactly invented Buffalo Wings has been disputed in the past, both Buffalo Tourism and the Anchor Bar itself have narrowed it down to one night in March of 1964.

Legend has it that the Buffalo Wing was first prepared by Teressa Bellissimo, one of the owners of the bar, late one night when her son and a few friends showed up at the bar badly in need of a late-night snack. Teressa took the one thing she had readily available: chicken wings (usually reserved for soup stock), deep fried them, and covered them with a sauce she created (her own secret recipe).

Located in the heart of Buffalo, the Anchor Bar (1047 Main Street, Buffalo NY) is easy to get to, just across the border from Fort Erie (if crossing from Canada at the Peace Bridge) and near I-190 (if crossing at the Rainbow or Queentown/Lewiston Bridge).

If you are making a shopping or sight-seeing trip from north of the border (or anywhere else, for that matter), take some time to make a stop here. Then you can read or hear the story for yourself – and enjoy a plate of original Buffalo Wings in the bar’s own unique sauce.

You can even take a bottle of Anchor Bar sauce home with you after – so you too can make your own variation of the famed wings.

And if you are attending with a partner or friend who isn’t into chicken wings, the Anchor Bar does have plenty of other dishes to choose from, including their popular pizzas or roast beef on weck sandwiches.

Visitor Tips: The place is well-known, so you may have to wait if you don’t have a reservation. Also, some visitors may find these wings a little pricier than your average wing – but then again, these aren’t average wings, they are THE original wings (at the time of writing, 10 wings for $13, a bucket of 50 for $41).

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