Fun Things To Do In Buffalo: Rock Climb At A Grain Silo

on November 11, 2013


While it might not seem like it at first glance, there are plenty of fun things to do in Buffalo and one of the newest might be right up your alley assuming you consider to yourself to be somewhat of a thrill-seeker.

Silo City Rocks (105 Childs St., Buffalo NY) have corned the silo market in upstate New York and have transformed the grain silos into a rock climbing phenomenon.

As a result of its location at the foot of Lake Erie, Buffalo is responsible for storing much of the grain that is produced in the continental United States. As a result of the city being host to the largest collection of grain silos in the world, Silo City Rocks thought that the tall structures have a multi-purpose use and have turned a group of them into the tallest rock climbing wall in the world. Reported to offer climbers a height of 190 feet, the facility was supposed to open last month but is delayed as a result of working to weatherproof its roof to allow for winter climbing.

More information is available on the Silo City Rocks Facebook page as well as at