Discover Your Inner Musical Geek At Filk Music Convention In Mississauga

on April 9, 2013


If you like listening to music, can beat anyone at Star Trek trivia and prefer sitting on your couch to attending Coachella, I might have something that can convince you to get out and do something.

If you are looking for a friendly gathering of people who like to sing, play and listen to music about science fiction, fantasy and more, the FilKONtario festival in Mississauga might be exactly what you are looking for.

Taking place at the Delta Hotel Toronto Airport West (5444 Dixie Rd., Mississauga ON) from April 19-21, Filk music is best described as “science fiction folk music” that is based on themes in science fiction or fantasy writing.

Every year, organizers rent out some room at a hotel and invite attendees from around the world to ‘join the circle.’ The Filk community has been around for approximately 15 years and while describing the event as a ‘geek convention’ could be considered derogatory, I am quite positive that the friendly folks at Filk would almost embrace it.

While the event centers around music, being vocally gifted is not a prerequisite for attendance. In addition to performances, there are songwriting workshops with seasoned professionals available as well.

For more information about this year’s FilKONtario, check out