Family Weekend With Cat In The Hat Chicago

on March 8, 2013

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In between a provincial basketball championship and cusp of my “hippy phase” I learned in a high school psychology class that exposure to Fine Arts and music improves sensory awareness, problem solving skills, motor skills, manual dexterity, its ability to improve a young mind; increasing the chances of reaching academic excellence four fold.

That day I picked up my dad’s black-and-pearly-white Yamaha acoustic guitar and learned guitar fundamentals. A few weeks into the summer and finger blisters later I knew how to play Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, Paul McCartney’s Blackbird, and Oasis’ Wonderwall, graduated University four years later, and the rest is history.

My parents never really encouraged the arts. I wish they had — this late twenties-something-year-old is a product of 90s TV, sports, and social media even before Facebook. So If you’re in the same boat or a young parent or older brother or sister or cousin who wants to expose your special little bundle of joy to more than just computer games and television — the Emerald City Theatre features Katie Mitchell’s adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat this weekend.

The show

Show up early and catch the Cat In The Hat pre-show where you and other parents and kiddies can get comfortable and play games with the Cat In The Hat cast just before their featured 35-minute live performance.

As a bonus, the Cat In The Hat offers an after show as well where all attendees can hang out with the Cat and play more fun games and participate in interactive lessons about responsibility.

Tickets and more

You can buy tickets for $10-$16. For inclusive tickets call the Apollo Box Office at 773-935-6100.

The Emerald City Theater is Chicago’s premiere destination for children’s theater and classes and camps. If you’re child falls in love with the Fine Arts, you’ll be able to enroll your little bundle of joy in any of Emerald City’s children programs all available at Emerald City Theatre.