Fall Fairs And The Colour Of Fall In The Toronto Area

on September 19, 2013


Well I turned my back for one minute and summer is gone and now in its place we have Autumn. As the #Toronto CNE and the Cronut Burger fade into memories it is time for the small town fairs to set up shop.

First the RVs and trailers come in with some of the bigger rides and then slowly the fairground starts to take shape.

Tents with row upon row of stuffed animals wait to draw visitors into their seductive trap, while food so shockingly bad for you is served to the willing after waiting in long lineups.

Before you know it the bright colourful lights get turned on, the rides get checked out and on opening night calls for games of chance with blaring music and loud sirens fill the cold night air.

The Acton Agricultural Society Fall Fair is this weekend – September 13-15, 2013, and it is the 100th year of the fair. You can find fairs in the Greater Toronto Area on the OntarioFairs web site.

Along with fair season comes the ever popular search for brilliant fall foliage colours. Central Ontario has a reported 10% change in colours while southern Ontario still has no significant changes – you can see just a small smackle of colour here and there driving around Toronto. The end of September and into early October is usually the peak colour change.

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