Explore The Hidden Waterfalls of Hamilton This Weekend

on June 5, 2013

Photo Courtesy of "City of Waterfalls"

Many tourists are aware of the big drops of Niagara Falls – fewer however, are familiar with these hidden gems, just a short drive away, in the City of Hamilton (Hamilton, ON).

No less majestic (though smaller in size), there are over a hundred waterfalls in the Hamilton area. Many are scattered near the Bruce Trail and other hiking spots. Falls vary in height, width, drop, and volume of water (reflecting seasonal changes); sometimes cascading down dozens of steps (Albion Falls, shown below), sometimes in one long drop (Tew’s Falls).

Photo courtesy of Joseph HollickAlbion Falls after a storm (photo courtesy of Joseph Hollick)

Tew's Falls - Photo courtesy of Alex GadamerTew’s Falls in autumn (photo courtesy of  Alex Gadamer)

One way to explore them is to scope a few out on a map and head out for an adventure.

Keep in mind you will only be able to see a limited number of falls in one day – but there are lots to choose from! Some waterfalls may be difficult to access; hiking shoes are recommended, and a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Just make sure you leave the scenery as pristine as you found it (few things spoil the view more than traces of trash next to the thundering water)!

The Hamilton Conservation Authority has a list of the top 16 waterfalls, as well as detailed descriptions for self-guided walks. To narrow it down, favourites include Webster’s Falls, Tew’s Falls, Tiffany Falls, Sherman Falls, and Albion Falls.

For more information, check out: the Tourism Hamilton website, Ontario Waterfall Tours (a local offering a tour that includes photography at the falls) and the City Of Waterfalls Facebook group (featured photo courtesy of “City of Waterfalls”).

For places to stay, there are hotels in town and a number of quaint and comfortable Bed & Breakfasts in Dundas and Ancaster (just outside of Hamilton).

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