Exotic DC Burger Restaurant Offers Bison Burgers, Turtle Sliders, Alligator Ribs & More

on August 8, 2013

Thunder Burger

You can probably find a burger restaurant in nearly every city in America. They’re a classic- one of the staples of American cuisine. For years our idea of a burger has remained unchanged, but Washington, D.C. restaurant Thunder Burger is putting an exotic twist on the standard meal, using unconvential meats to pack their patties.

Situated in the heart of Georgetown on M street, Thunder Burger (3056 M St NW, Washington DC) offers customers savory burgers of animals you never even considered making a meal- elk, bison, wild boar, and more. No longer do you have to leave the country to sample an exotic animal-  you can satisfy your adventurous tastebuds right in the nation’s capital.

Casual yet trendy, the restaurant has rock and roll vibe apparent in the music selection and the décor. The atmosphere is inviting to large families, outings with friends, or even a date night. Visitors can take a seat at the bar for their extensive catalog of quality draft beer.

But it’s their signature burgers that are their claim to fame. The “Buffalo Stomp” is their savory bison burger wrapped in bacon with onions and a flavor-packed blue cheese gorgonzola and a delicious remoulade. If you’re in the mood for something more zesty, try the “Born to Be Wild” Boar burger with a tangy pineapple salsa.

Anyone who comes on a Wednesday, is in for an even more bizarre treat. “Wild Wednesdays” specials bring more atypical dishes including ostrich burgers, alligator ribs, turtle sliders, and kangaroo. It’s practically an edible zoo.

If you’re less adventurous or riding the vegetarian bandwagon, your options are still plenty; You will still be satisfied with a portobello mushroom burger, chicken, turkey or tuna dishes and a variety of tasty salads.

You can still get the Thunder Burger experience and stick with what you know with a timeless and top-notch beef burger. Make your own with your choice of toppings or order a specially crafted signature burger that will leave your mouth watering.
Burger aficionados to beer connoisseurs alike will be right at home at this burger joint with a twist and anyone who’s looking to explore the culinary wild side without stepping too far out of their comfort zone, Thunder Burger is the place to go.