Events In Boston? Check Out The Winter Lights On The Greenway

on March 13, 2013

Boston's Winter Lights On The Greenway

If you’re looking for events in Boston, here’s a particularly good one to check out before the end of the month.

“Winter Lights on the Greenway” at Boston’s Rose F. Kennedy Greenway (185 Kneeland St., Boston MA) is a series of lighting displays and innovative art events intended to bring warmth and cheer to the Greenway during the darkest part of the year. The Boston event features local artists who collaborate with the Conservancy to produce a series of light-based events. The “Winter Lights” series promotes shared experiences and unexpected encounters for visitors to the parks.

The Winter Lights event is primarily designed to promote an appreciation for nature amidst the regular rigmarole of life in the metropolitan city.

Winter Lights runs until March 30.

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