Enter – If You Dare: Haunted Houses in NYC

on October 29, 2013

Blackout NYC

If you like to get into the Halloween spirit by getting in a few screams of your own, there is no better way to get spooked than at a haunted house. With Halloween fast approaching, we have four horrifying haunted houses in New York City ready to get the heart racing and cold sweat running.

  • Blackout:Elements – Described as an “extreme theater event,” you must enter and walk through alone. The experience includes a protective mask, a signed waiver, a safety word (in case you find the experience too disturbing and decide to exit early), tight spaces, strongly suggestive scenes and even nudity. 18+ only. Blackout:Elements runs until .Sunday November 10, tickets are $65.
  • Nightmare: Killers 2 – Horrying re-enactments of notorious killers, both real-life and fictional. If you choose to go for the full interactive experience, you will be marked with a red dot, and then you’ll be the killers’ target. Watch out for tight spaces! Nightmare: Killers 2 runs through Sunday November 3. Tickets are $30 online, $35 at the door.
  • Blood Manor – With hair-raising sections like a circus nightmare with clown heads hanging from the ceiling, and a jungle terror cave, the Blood Manor also includes a pitch-black room, and a look into a zombifying mirror. Lines can get quite long, so be prepared to wait a while to enter. Running through Saturday November 2, tickets are $35.
  • Times Scare – This yearโ€™s edition includes dark mazes, crazy clowns, chain saws, and evil witches โ€“ all inside a building said to be actually haunted. There is a restaurant and bar at the same location, in case you need some sustenance and/or liquid courage before you proceed. Times Scare is open year-round, tickets to the haunted house are $35.

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