Enjoy Hollywood Blockbusters At Detroit’s Only Drive-In Movie Theater

on December 4, 2013


One of the relics of Hollywood’s golden age are drive-in movie theaters. The idea of bringing your own food and watching a great flick from the comfort of your own automobile is a concept that never really gets old and yet, the number of drive-in movie theaters in the continental U.S. are becoming increasingly scarce.

With that said, Dearborn’s Ford-Wyoming Drive-In (10400 Ford Road, Dearborn MI) is the last surviving drive-in in metro Detroit and is open 7 days a week, year-round and offers 5 screens that show the newest blockbusters. The space can accommodate over 1500 cars.

Initially opened in 1950, the Drive-In certainly looks as old as it is, but this only adds to the natural charm of the facility. The screen quality certainly isn’t on the same level as the IMAX screen found in most modern indoor theaters, but this is made up for with the electric atmosphere that it provides. In addition, the drive-in also believes in the double-feature, as every movie you choose to see there is accompanied by another.

For more information about the Ford-Wyoming Drive in and for a complete list of showtimes, visit FordDriveIn.com

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