Enjoy A Walk Around Lake Hollywood

on October 4, 2013

hollywood resHollywood reservoir, or Lake Hollywood as it’s sometimes called, provides water to the city of Los Angeles. Until recently, it was closed off to the public but has been reopened again so once more Angelinos and visitors in the know can enjoy it. With spectacular views of the city and the world famous Hollywood sign, it’s a little oasis of calm and quiet in the middle of the busy city. The walk is about 4 miles long and is paved so easy making it an easy walk for any age group or stamina.

Park at Weidlake Drive where it meets Lake Hollywood Drive in the free car park then go through the gate and follow the road to the right so you walk anti-clockwise around the lake. This route is recommended because the east side of the trail does not have much of a view of the lake but a great view of the Hollywood sign and if you walk clockwise, the sign will be behind you. The west side of the trail has a great view of the lake.

As you walk over Mullholland dam, be sure to look on the right side (not water) of the bridge and admire the stone bear heads that represent California’s state symbol the bear. Take plenty of water and sunscreen, as it can get very hot up there. You can’t take dogs, but you can bring your bicycles and enjoy the easy bike ride around the lake. Port-loos at Weiland Drive near the car park.