Doesn’t Matter If You Like Live Chicago Music or Old Records, Reggie’s & Record Breakers Has It All

on April 23, 2013


Have you ever gone to a concert and realized one-song into the set that the performer just didn’t strike a chord with you? That is the best part about Reggie’s Rock Club (2109 South State Street, Chicago IL) in the South Loop for Chicago music fans.

If you aren’t picking up the live music that is being dropped down, you can just mosey up a couple of stairs and check out Record Breakers. It is a huge record store where you can pick up the latest bestsellers while also perusing some rare classics like an Eartha Kitt album or The X-Files on laserdisc.

The hotspot also features a rock and roll reading room where you will find old issues of KISS Magazine, along with our photo book heirlooms and imported Black Sabbath albums as well as John Cale recording sessions from the 60’s.

If you go back down the stairs, you will find Reggie’s Music Joint (2105 South State Street, Chicago IL), a restaurant and bar across the hall from Reggie’s Rock Club which offers another choice in terms of where to listen to live music. The complex is 16,000 square feet in total and food is available. The best part is that the menus are printed on record sleeves that arrive at your table with actual vinyl records inside.

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