Do Some Damage To Your Plastic On Rodeo Drive

on September 3, 2013

rodeo drive

Andy Warhol once said, “Rodeo Drive is like a butterscotch sundae, even the nuts are delicious!” Probably the most expensive and famous shopping area in the world – Rodeo Drive (pronounced Roe-day-oh) in Los Angeles is where celebrities and the very rich do their shopping, and where tourists window-shop while trying to spot a celeb to gawk at. Rodeo Drive is a relatively small area – just three blocks known as the Golden Triangle – presumably after the color Amex you need to shop here!

Whether you like to shop, it’s always worth at least one walk down Rodeo. The stores of every internationally known designer like Gucci, Dior, Ralph Lauren line the road and some of the more elite like Bijan, the most expensive store in the world, where a pair of socks will cost you $50 and a suit $50,000. You will pass Harry Winston’s aka King of Diamonds who lends over $200 million in diamond jewelry each awards season. As you walk down Rodeo you will see the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style, Beverly Hills’ own walk of fame to honor style legends for their contributions to the world of fashion. Recipients of the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style award include Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, and Manolo Blahnik.

Half way down at the Dayton Way cross street, you may recognize the aluminum Torso statue by Robert Graham from the movies. To the left hand side of the road, is Two Rodeo, with its small European cobblestone Disneyesque look it is feels almost like a movie set. Despite its glamorous location, Two Rodeo is essentially a mall and the shops at Two Rodeo include Versace, Tiffany & Co. and Jimmy Choo. There are two iconic places to get your picture taken here – the corner of Via Rodeo and N. Rodeo Drive with the famous Rodeo street sign and the steps by Wilshire and the Fountain, so you can let all your friends back home know that you came, you saw… and at the least, you took a picture!

Walk up the cobbled streets of Two Rodeo and follow the road around and down the stairs. Across the street, in front of you is the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, best known for its role in the movie Pretty Woman where Richard Gere and Julia Roberts stayed. A night here will cost you $600+ including breakfast, but it does get you access to some celeb-worthy perks: car service within a three-mile radius; chilled towels and frozen fruit at the hotel pool, and a complimentary “sunglass-cleaning service.”

If you want to do some shopping and get an affordable bite to eat, take a walk along N Beverly Drive which runs adjacent to the left of N Rodeo Drive where stores are more affordable.