Top Four Dive Bars In Boston

on September 6, 2013

Don’t call it a come back, dive bars have been here for years!

Known to many drinking locals as a home away from home and a safe haven from overpriced drinks or lap top DJ’s who have you waiting for the “drop”; the dive bar always was, is, and always will be the right way to spend a laid back night — we’re talking t-shirt time here folks.

So, along with my outdated LL Cool J, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, and Jersey Shore references, below, I pay homage to the Boston dive bar and unveil my four favorite dive bars in Boston — you know, in case you hate the night club.

Wally’s Cafe

outside wally's cafe
Located on 427 Massachusetts Ave. Wally’s Cafe is one of Boston’s best kept secrets. Musicians such as Charlie Parker, Billie Holiday, and Art Blakey to just name a few, have used Wally’s as a gateway to leap into the world of fame and fortune. Weekendtrippers love Wally’s because the music is always free, they sell $5 beers, and attract an eclectic crowd worth mingling with.

Silhouette Lounge

silhouette lounge bar
If you’re a Weekendtripper on a budget, Silhouette Lounge gives you the freedom to walk in with $20 bucks, get “saucy,” have a good time, and still walk out with change. Located on 200 Brighton Ave. the Silhouette Lounge sells $3 tall boys or $9 pitchers; serving free salty popcorn until, well, you need more beer to wash it down. Amazing model isn’t it? The jukebox plays classic rock, great tunes for a night of darts and pool.

Beacon Hill Pub

beacon hill pub - outside
Arguably the most popular dive bar amongst college kids, Beacon Hill offers Naragansett tall boys for a persuasive $3 a pop. They have fooseball, arcade games, and unforgettable gritty interior worth an Instagram update. Located at 149 Charles St., you’ll find a wide range of “divers”; from here from the slumming blue-collared worker watching sports highlights, to the day-to-day “hunkerer” who plays the same song on their 1980s jukebox, and college students who just let loose and down cheap drinks.

Biddy Early’s

Front Bar of Boston Dive Bar
Biddy Early’s is definitely one of the cheapest dive bars in Boston. It sells pints for only $2! Yes, its interior may frighten most, but its Irish charm and bartenders have quite the reputation for making everyone feel comfortable. As a bonus, if you gather enough courage, you can get up on stage and sing karaoke.

  • Perry

    There’s only 4 bars on this “Top 5 Dive Bars” list. And the website linked to for Biddy Early’s is for a pub in Germany…

    • weekendtrips

      We might have been to one too many divebars before posting this – rectified!