The Game’s Afoot In A Toronto Mystery Weekend

on January 2, 2013


Do munchies, murder, and mystery sound interesting to you?

Arguably one of the “rookie of the year” in Toronto’s weekend events roster, the Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre (2026 Yonge St., Toronto ON) offers a unique way to spend the night with your friends and family.

The show includes dinner and the opportunity to be part of a themed mystery adventure where the audience has to decide who the culprit is by the end of the night. The intrigue heightens around dessert time when colourful characters join the dinner party and someone is murdered. Prizes are awarded to some of the guests who correctly identify who the “killer,” is.

One of the best parts about Mysteriously Yours is its affordability. Saturday dinner and show packages are only $71 per person and if you want to skip dinner, it’s only $45.

While the mysteries themselves vary, most of January features “The Fine Art of Murder: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery.” It’s described as taking place in the castle of a wealthy Countess, where Sherlock and Watson reunion for a thrilling case of murder and deception when a body is found at the foot of a priceless painting.”

The Sherlock mystery runs on Fridays and Saturdays until January 25 when it will be replaced by “Once Upon A Murder.” This creative storyline starts with the wedding of Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty but before they can live happily ever after, someone is murdered. Who is guilty? The Prince who is trying to advance his corporate agenda. Jack, the environmentalist trying to save the Enchanted Forest? The rebellious Little Red Riding Hood or her biker boyfriend the Big Bad Wolf? What about the bride herself (unless she is using her “sleeping” alibi).

Honestly, doesn’t that sound like the most fun you will have either with your significant other or even with your entire family?

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