[Review] Dinette Triple Crown & La Cornetteria

on September 9, 2013

cronut - donuts

Sometimes, all you need to cure a bad day is good food and good company. So when Diva #1 was having an overwhelming day, she called up Diva #2 for a distraction and plans were made to do what we do best – eat! A friend in need is sufficient reason enough in our books to drop everything, the promise of food, is merely a bonus.

We decided to check out Dinette Triple Crown in Little Italy. It has been on our list for a while and it seemed like the perfect place for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Located on Clark at the corner of Saint Zotique, the non-descript eatery is easy to miss without any signage, though the line may give it away.

The inside is pure vintage. From the old photographs and pickled vegetables lining the shelves to the antique radio and blenders, the small inside screams old-school charm. And we loved it right away! The menu is above the counter and boasts a big selection which meant we wanted everything.

We placed our order and waited for our number to be called. You can eat at their lunch counter facing the kitchen, or another option is to picnic at the park across the street. We chose the outdoors so they handed us a wicker picnic basket, complete with a red checkered table cloth and we headed to the park.

Dinette Triple Crown has picnics down to a science. We unpacked our basket: red and white checkered tablecloth, dishes, cutlery, napkins, variety of BBQ sauces and mason jars with water and our drinks. You need it, they packed it.

And we now know why Southern people are always so damn happy! It’s the food. Even the Divas would go to church regularly for the southern barbecue afterwards. Although we fear entering a church and immediately catching fire for all of our sins… so we tend to avoid the inside of religious edifices.

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