Detroit Restaurant Review: Jacoby’s German Biergarten

on September 12, 2013


Whether you’re just grabbing a beer, or you’re looking for an authentic German culinary experience, Jacoby’s Biergarten is a little slice of Bavaria in Detroit (Lederhosen not included). Here is my Detroit restaurant review of the German joint.

Boasting a history that extends throughout family generations since 1904, Jacoby’s holds the title as being downtown Detroit’s oldest saloon.

The restaurant began with Luxembourgian bartender Al Jacoby, his German wife Mina, and a respect for well-priced beer. Jacoby’s continues to this day to be a mix of German favorites like spaetzle, sauerkraut, schnitzel, rouladen, and all types of ‘wursts, as well as American staples (sometimes you just want a burger with your beer, and that’s OK).

And, of course there’s the beer menu, which offers a dizzying array of German and Belgian brews, domestics, imports, and beers on tap with colorful names like Arrogant Bastard and Rogue Dead Guy.

The interior of Jacoby’s feels comfortable but classic, with handsome wood paneling, exposed brick, and an intricately engraved gold ceiling.

You kind of get the feeling that the décor hasn’t changed since Jacoby’s was first established, which may or may not be accurate.

Jacoby’s hosts private parties and occasionally bands, so if you’re looking for an excuse to get wasted with your friends off fancy beer, Jacoby’s has a barstool calling your name. To book an event (or to drool over the menu), check out Jacoby’s website (