Cooking Classes For Beginners At C’est Bon in Ottawa

on September 17, 2013



Foodies in Ottawa have a reason to celebrate, because C’est Bon’s Epicurean Adventures offers incredible weekend options for those who are interested in learning how to cook and for those who just have an appetite.

The state-of-the art facility, located just blocks from the Convention Centre (361 Daly Avenue, Suite 2, Ottawa ON) not only offers tours for where to eat in neighbourhood food markets, but also features cooking lessons and even the chance to become a food critic.

The tours explore Ottawa’s ByWard Market, Preston Street and Westboro neighbourhoods as well as Eddy Street and last two to three hours each. They are available on Saturdays during the Fall. Private tours are available in the winter to groups of 6 or more. They cost $55/person.

There are special ‘spousal’ gourmet tours also available to keep the husbands and wives of Canadian politicians something to do on the weekend.

C’est Bon’s cooking classes for beginners help you master essential cooking principles and techniques and put an emphasis on fun. Newbie chefs can try their hand at whipping up popular French dishes in a relaxed atmosphere and with a small group. The best part is that you get to try out the meal you have created at the end of the class (actually, that might be the worst part, depending on how quickly you pick it up… I kid). There are a minimum of four people required for each class and while 6-week classes are suggested, private lessons can be arranged.

Looking for a new team-building exercise for your office? The facility’s fully bilingual team-building activities are designed by experts in both the culinary and business arts. I especially like the description on the site about what the team-building entails. “Professionally rewarding and just plain fun, our team building activities reveal the clear benefits of working together and relying on one another to achieve a common objective: the creation of an outstanding meal.” Imagine trying to prepare a braised duck with your co-worker. The possibilities are endless.

C’est Bon chef Andree Riffou teams up with Ottawa food critic Annie DesBrisay to let you play food critic for the day. You can be one of up to three participants per sitting who collaborate with the experts to choose a restaurant, sample its menu and write a critique. Your review will be published on Anne’s blog

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