Explore Chicago’s Field Museum And Find An Unforgettable Weekend

on April 9, 2013

Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton

There is something concerning about a 40 foot Tyrannosaurus Rex leaning forward and smiling at you with its 58 teeth and sheepish grin. Luckily for Field Museum visitors, the ancient skeleton hasn’t moved in 67 million years.

Chicago’s Field Museum (1400 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago IL) is considered to be one of North America’s finest museums and was originally built to house the World’s Colombian Exposition of 1893. It now features 24 million objects ranging from rare stones to endangered plants and animals.

Permanent exhibitions include:

Inside Ancient Egypt: Visitors can climb to the top of a tomb to see a mummy below. The Book of the Dead is also available to peruse which details the afterworld, and while you turn the pages, you are surrounded by buried objects of gold and shell.

Evolving Planet: Standard fare at most museums, you can journey through 4 billion years of life on Earth where you will find unique fossils along with hands-on displays.

The Ancient Americas: A detailed exploration of what life in the U.S. used to be like. Imagine living in an 800-year-old pueblo with your entire family and sharing only one room to cook, eat and sleep.

Underground Adventure: Visitors can crawl inside a cicada skeleton to experience how tough it is to be a bug.

Grainger Hall of Gems: Discover gemstones that look like they came from other planets as well as Tiffany & Co. pieces from the 1893 World’s Colombian Exposition in the Grainger Hall of Gems. There will be 600 gemstones and 150 pieces of jewelry on display. Don’t forget to snap a pic of the incredible 5,890-carat Chalmers topaz on display.

Ernst & Young 3-D Theater: Chicago’s only completely digital 3-D theater, the Field’s exhibitions come to life in a new format.

Abbot Hall of Conservation: Follow scientists as they discover the diversity of life and attempt to protect living treasures from Chicago to South America to Pacific coral reefs.

Crown Family PlayLab: Kids will love the six themed play areas featuring real artifacts and specimens to make their own discoveries, and become a scientist for the day. Activities include digging up dinosaur bones, putting on animal costumes and grinding corn.

For more info on the Field Museum, check out the Chicago Field Museum website.